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Building Community Through Neighborhood Initiatives


Rooted City Phase One

The Rooted City Project is a new community collaboration designed to bring social entrepreneurship, neighborhood connections, and resources together to benefit St. Louisans in the most challenging neighborhoods.

Development of a data-driven strategic framework.

Identify resources: financial, relational, and subject matter expertise.

Choose 3 specific neighborhoods for pilot projects.

Coming Together

Distressed neighborhoods have very few anchors. Public parks, playgrounds and other third spaces are often under-resourced or unsafe. One of the last organizations that is in the neighborhood for the benefit of others is often a church. Enhancing an congregation’s existing community engagement, and adding new programs strengths their neighborhood, adding to the safety and stability of the community.

Making a Difference

The current concept was developed through a series of community conversations including community leaders from the housing, microlending, arts, philanthropic, cultural and health organizations. The team would be taking the concept map and turning it into a roadmap.

Stay Up to Date

Stay up to date on the development of Rooted City and learn more about the opportunities to get involved and serve your community.

Skills Helpful to This Project Are:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Community engagement
  • Financial modeling 
  • GIS

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